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Can You Succeed Alone?

As a business owner, there are many challenges and often you have to face them alone.

We Understand

We advocate for the business owner. Our work is personal. We listen. We are a company of business owners. We have been there and respect the risks business owners are taking. Owners are last to be paid, can’t quit, and last to leave. Our experience with over 5,500 clients informs our perspective, enabling us to help owners like you to not only see the bumps in the road but to develop a business blueprint for success that includes areas such as

  • Professional Management Coaching
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Risk Management
  • Workers’ Compensation

BBSI can help you help your business

We’ll guide you to a new awareness about both the best and the worst parts of your company.
From there, we’ll present solutions that leverage your resources and help you regain a sharp focus on your business.


We’ll help you control your business in a way that supports its progress, and its success. Think of our management systems as the reins that help you guide your company forward.


An overstaffed business can be as damaging as an understaffed one. Our “been there, done that” experience can help you get the right people in the right jobs, so you can streamline efficiencies and innovation.


Foresight is the first thing that gets lost when your business keeps you on the run for too long. When you bring in help like us, it’s your chance to stop, take a breath and regain some perspective about the business you’ve built.

We’re Here to Help

From Las Vegas to Lake Havasu, St. George to Primm and all points in-between, BBSI is here to help your business. If you have a business outside of the area, chances are BBSI has a team who can help.

We’re Ready to Work

Reaching out to BBSI is a turning point in the life of your business.


Yes, I’m in Your Area!

Great. The Las Vegas BBSI team is ready to help your business today! Simply click the “Local” button to get to know us and to let us know you’re here.


My Business is not in your area

We may have a solution, BBSI is always expanding. Chances are, we have a team who can help you. Just hit the “National” button to send us an email. Please be sure to tell us as much as you can about yourself and your business so we can determine the best way to help.


What do the owners have to say?

“For someone like me, and for most small-business owners who did not grow up in a business environment or go to business school, BBSI makes a tremendous difference. From the first day, the BBSI team made me feel like we were partners. I consider them an extension of All Freight Trucking and I consider myself an extension of BBSI.” Frankie Flores

Owner, All Freight Trucking

“BBSI makes a difference in our business as a whole with our approach to management. Oftentimes, we need help hiring staff that is excited about helping others day or night. BBSI helps us screen applicants to find the right fit for our 24/7 culture.” Steve Kowalski

General Manager, Kowalski Construction, Inc.

“We are so grateful for our business relationship with BBSI. They saved our company when they wrote our workers compensation policy, but that is just one of the many invaluable services they provide for our business.” Mary Alice Reed

Vice President, Specialized Equipment Systems

“My relationship with BBSI started off because we needed worker’s comp; then I realized what they do and how many areas BBSI covers. The BBSI team become not just people I deal with on workers’ comp, they became part of my team.” Ryan Dustin

Owner & President, Aspen Earthworks

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