Describe what makes your brand, product or service unique. Easy enough, right? Now do it in less than 30 seconds. An elevator speech takes time to build and practice and it’s one of the first things you should create when launching a brand, advises business expert Jeff Kohl, who adds, “With our short attention spans, your elevator speech should really be 10 seconds or about a dozen words.”

Kohl is the area manager for BBSI’s Las Vegas branch. BBSI partners with businesses to develop a blueprint for success that includes areas such as payroll, human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management and business management coaching.

In his role with BBSI, Kohl coaches business owners on a regular basis. He recommends that an elevator speech should lead someone to ask a question, “Once you get someone to ask a question, you have their attention and can have a longer conversation. They may not understand exactly what you do, so you are given the opportunity to explain your business fully.”

To prepare an elevator speech, Kohl says test it out, “This is something you need to heavily test on people who don’t know your product or know you. Friends, family and co-workers have had the benefit of hearing you talk about this forever. Instead, test on people who know nothing about you and see if they understand your product.”

How you conduct the testing is important. Kohl suggests having a face-to-face interaction or via phone, instead of e-mail, social media or an online poll, “It’s critical to see the emotional response and reaction. When polling via social media or e-mail, you give time to form an opinion, which is not an authentic reaction.”

Kohl adds that when searching for testers, think about someone in your office that you only see on occasion, your neighbor, or another business owner you meet at a professional event. “Buy someone a glass of wine, give them a little pitch and have them figure out the product. Look at the ones that stick and go from there.”

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About BBSI – BBSI, a long-standing, leading provider of business management solutions, is new to Las Vegas. BBSI will help businesses of all sizes in the Las Vegas market improve the efficiency of their operations. With 101 teams in 58 physical locations, BBSI partners with businesses to develop a blueprint for success that includes important areas such as human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation and risk management, as well as business management coaching.

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