It’s a buyer’s market for those who are looking for jobs. The National Unemployment Rate finished 2018 at 3.9 percent; not far off from last September’s rate of 3.7 percent, the lowest since 1969*. The rate is positive for job seekers and the economy. However, what does it mean for managers, HR, owners and CEOs as they look to hire?
The low unemployment rate likely means high stress for those involved in hiring says Business Expert Jeff Kohl, “The shrinking workforce creates numerous challenges including finding labor, paying them competitively and retaining employees so you are not constantly hiring.” Kohl is the area manager for BBSI’s Las Vegas branch.

BBSI partners with businesses to develop a blueprint for success that includes areas such as payroll, human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management and business management coaching. Kohl says, “People don’t run away for a few dollars an hour. They run away from bad management. As a leader, what can you do to create a culture that makes your business desirable to job seekers while keeping current employees engaged?”

One of Kohl’s tips for creating a positive company culture is:

  • Challenge employees to think for themselves. Don’t micromanage.

More of Kohl’s tips for creating a positive company culture will be shared in Part 2 of this series.

*Source – Bureau of Labor Statistics

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