In Part 2 of this series we will continue our conversation with Business Expert Jeff Kohl, area manager for BBSI’s Las Vegas branch. Kohl asked, “As a leader, what can you do to create a culture that makes your business desirable to job seekers while keeping current employees engaged?”

Here are three more of Kohl’s tips for doing so:

  • Cultivate open communication. Invite employees to pitch their ideas and let their voices be heard. Great leaders build from within because they know the goals and personalities of their employees. The employee that is a great communicator is likely to be among the first to be thought of for a promotion.
  • Making mistakes is part of letting employees learn how to make decisions. Let them learn from their errors and utilize this as a teaching moment.
  • Celebrate positive employee behaviors! Bring in a meal for the team, offer half days in the slow season, partner with area businesses to offer discounted or free services for employees, and remember birthdays and anniversaries. These tactics cost little, or may be free, and they go a long way toward retaining employees.


Part 3 of this series addresses how employee benefits and safety contribute to company culture.


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