Employee benefits and safety may not immediately come to mind when thinking about company culture, but, as Business Expert Jeff Kohl explains, they should, “The safer you keep your employees, the better. When employees believe you are caring for their safety, they, in turn, will care for your company.”

As the area manager for BBSI’s Las Vegas branch, Kohl suggests working with professionals to ensure your company is up to date with risk management and safety training. For example, BBSI’s personalized approach includes going into workplaces to review with employers their responsibilities to identify, report and fix hazard conditions.

Three questions Kohl suggests being prepared to answer when it comes to safety:

  • Do you have regular safety meetings and a safety committee?
  • Are you current on all OSHA regulations? A new list comes out every year. In some cases, updates happen during the year as well.
  • Do you have safety stations (which includes a safety kit) and eye wash stations for all employees?
  • Do you have an AED should a cardiac emergency happen?

This article wraps up the series about creating a company culture that withstands the shrinking workforce. Kohl is interested to hear your feedback on the series as well as answer any questions you may have. To reach the BBSI team in Las Vegas, call 702.832.2120, e-mail Jeff.Kohl@bbsihq.com or visit https://bbsilasvegas.com/ and Facebook. BBSI partners with growing businesses by delivering the resources of a large corporation to small and mid-size companies.

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