October 2018 – (Las Vegas) – Want to start a small business in 2019? You’re in good company. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports Nevada has more than 254,000 small businesses, which is 99.1 percent of Nevada businesses. The positive business climate in Las Vegas is one of the reasons BBSI, a leading provider of business management solutions, opened a branch in Summerlin. The BBSI team, which has been in place since July, partners with businesses to develop a blueprint for success that includes areas such as human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation and risk management.

Founded in 1951, BBSI is a leading provider of business management solutions with 101 Teams in 58 physical locations. BBSI employs a locally based team of senior-level professionals who align with the mission of business owners. “We provide expert knowledge, experience and guidance to allow owners to more effectively run their business and make smarter decisions faster,” says Jeff Kohl, area manager of BBSI’s Las Vegas branch. “BBSI allows owners to focus on the business, instead of in the business.”

Ready to get in the business of being an entrepreneur? Kohl has five tips for success:

  1. Research – Be ready to do a lot of digging. Kohl suggests finding answers to these questions at the beginning to keep from growing frustrated down the road:
    • What does the current industry look like?
    • Who’s in the business?
    • Who is your competition?
    • How successful is this industry?
    • How do you want to be perceived?
  2. Experiment – Kohl encourages getting outside feedback about your business idea through using a focus group or opinion panel. If you have an actual product, he suggests finding out where you can create a test market to see if it sells, “It may be hard to hear tough criticism, but this is the best way to improve your idea. Make sure you go beyond friends and family, because they are likely to be positive regardless of what they really think.”
  3. Budget – “It’s not time to dream,” advises Kohl. “If you have never made one, partner with those who have such as consultants and CPAs, “Entrepreneurs are often unrealistic in the costs they think will be generated and they overestimate earnings. It’s important to understand it will take time to see a break even.”
  4. Know your strengths – “The expression, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know,’ is true. When starting a business, there’s a lot of unknown. We all have our own strengths. For shortcomings, hire out or bring in help (CPAs, HR, payroll, risk management, etc.). Don’t let your time be taken up doing the tasks that are not in your wheelhouse.”
  5. Disrupt – Don’t follow the crowd. “Do not be afraid to be a disrupter; it’s the sole way you can set yourself apart from your competition. Demand that you aren’t going to be like everyone else,” says Kohl, who adds, “If you can’t figure out what you can do differently, that may mean hiring someone that can help create a unique hook.”

BBSI partners with growing companies by delivering the resources of a large company to small and mid-size companies. To reach the BBSI team in Las Vegas, call 702.832.2120, e-mail Jeff.Kohl@bbsihq.com or visit https://bbsilasvegas.com/ and Facebook.

About BBSI – BBSI, a long-standing, leading provider of business management solutions, opened in Las Vegas in July. BBSI helps businesses of all sizes in the Las Vegas market improve the efficiency of their operations. With 101 teams in 58 physical locations, BBSI partners with businesses to develop a blueprint for success that includes important areas such as human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation and risk management, as well as business management coaching. More may be found on www.BBSILasVegas.com.

Media contact: Debra Locker – 859.536.0282 and Debra@DebraLockerGroup.com

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